Nathan owens

Nathan (the BEST bacon hawk hunter) is well known for being Desterys best chum and is very funny in his own right. As well as cool.

Shows and channels Edit

After Desterys success with his first channel (DesMadeLove), he teamed up with Destery and made a collaborate channel called DesandNate. He also has his own personal channel ahoynateo where he makes Q&A videos and takes questions from his fans on twitter and sometimes other sites, only a few questions he answers though. He also has a gaming channel called NatesGotGame.

Personal life Edit

Has been Desterys best friend since the 6th grade and was born in Idaho and currently still resides there even after Destery moved. He also dreams to one day capture a rare species known as the bacon hawk which may or not exist.

Trivia Edit

  • Nathans has stated that his top 8 favorite games are World of Warcraft, Pokemon Ruby, Dvrx, Amplitude, Fable, Soul calibur 4, Killer instinct, and Zelda: the wind waker.
  • Has stated that the bacon hawk is his favorite animal. Second favorite are tigers.
  • Was once arrested for dressing up as a ninja on Halloween night with Destery, breaking windows with rocks. Nate tried to hide from the police by hiding under a balcony but he was caught.